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Random thoughts from a woman in love

What can  I tell you about me? Let’s see…I’m in my (late) 40’s, enjoying my recently-emptied nest.  Don’t get me wrong – I adore my son and love being with him, but it was time…he’s 23 for God’s sake!  I am in love with a truly amazing and wonderful man.  Like two ships in the night, our paths have crossed very, very closely over the past 17 years, but, until last year, we had never met.  Now our ships are berthed in the same harbor and we are NOT leaving until one of us is dead.

I have a lot of opinions, but I try to keep them to myself.  It saves a lot of pain – someone might deck me.  Like the mother of a two-year old boy who was throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store the other night.  I told her to quit trying to reason with the poor kid and just take him out of the store.  If looks could kill, I’d be in the crematorium right now.

I LOVE the word “Hello” – which is why you will see it in the title many of my blogs.  “Hello” opens you to new experiences and to learning so much about others and the world around you.  When something challenging comes up in my life, I will take a deep breath and say “hello” to the situation. Panic never works, so I take that moment to see the situation as it is, then work on resolving it if need be.   I have found this to be a much easier way to control my reaction to bad situations – it is sort of a Zen approach that works for me.  And – “hello” often means I get to meet someone new or see someone I love.  What could possibly be better than that?

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