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Random thoughts from a woman in love

Before you go out to enjoy this 3-day weekend, I bring you this PSA to remind you why we have a 3-day weekend.

The last Monday of May has been set aside by our government as a day to recognize/honor/remember the fallen men and women of our military who died to protect our basic freedoms and inalienable rights and to try to secure those same rights and freedoms for people in other countries.

Whether or not you “believe” in war, believe the reasons why we have gone to war in the past, or support current military efforts, each and every one of us who owes a debt of gratitude to these men and women and their families for stepping up and giving their lives for “us”. Take a minute, or 2 or 5, to reflect on that this weekend and remember these men and women and their families who have given so much.

I have many friends with children in the military – some are so very blessed to have their babies back home safely (finally) after anywhere from 2 to 8 tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, a few have had to bury their boys and receive that very special, heart-breaking folded flag –  Little comfort for losing a child, but these women stand strong and keep going in honor of their boys.

To all of them, I say THANK YOU. You will not be forgotten.

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