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Random thoughts from a woman in love

As I work toward rekindling the creativity I once had, I am reading others writings, looking for inspiration. So many writers offer inspiration in unexpected ways. The fact that one woman wrote a blog about not having an excuse for not writing her blog was inspiring. (Huh? Read it again – it’ll make sense eventually.)  She kept on going despite her lack of (desire, energy, inspiration?) to do so. That “Never give up, never surrender” attitude is inspiring and encouraging to me.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote today about how he fuels his inspiration to write, and another wrote about writing a journal as a way to improve your writing skills. Both were well-written essays that made me think about what inspires me, and helped to brush some of the cob webs from the right side of my brain. Somewhere underneath all that dust and clutter is a creative ember glowing and waiting to spark. I just need to apply the right fuel to feed the ember. *sigh* Is chocolate a combustible?


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