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Random thoughts from a woman in love

I love lingerie.  So much so, I have officially run out of space in my little townhouse to store it all.  There is no more room at the inn. My armoire, specifically selected to house my lingerie, overfloweth.  And – I was told by the love of my life that it is time to edit my collection.  WHAT?  How on Earth am I supposed to do that?  Not one piece of lingerie in my home is extraneous – I wear it all and don’t keep any items for just “special occasions” (ok – that’s not entirely true. I only wear the red bra and panties with the white feather trim during the Christmas season, and the Halloween sets are only worn in October). Other than that, I rotate the lingerie routinely so all have an equal opportunity wearing.

My lingerie makes me feel good – pretty.  I can wear a grungy t-shirt and jeans to work in the garden, but I feel pretty because I know that underneath that grunge is a pink and black lace bra with matching panties.  Everybody sing! “I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty and gay. And I pity any girl who isn’t me today. I feel charming. Oh so charming. It’s alarming how charming I feel…”

Mind you, the man who told me it was “time to edit” has so much junk in the garage, we can only park one car in a garage big enough for 2 cars and a motorcycle!  He has two, count them, TWO 6-foot tall tool boxes.  I know there is a gadget in one of them that can only be used for one specific repair on his Mercedes.  He has used it ONCE and will probably not use it again for another 6 years, but it sits there, in that drawer, taking up space and looking very expensive (it was), while I make certain that MY stuff gets used regularly.

Something’s rotten in Denmark…would it be wrong to suggest he “edit” his toolboxes so that I can store some of my pretty things in it? Maybe I can re-purpose that Snap-on Toolbox to store my corsets and peignoirs.  Hmmmm…I think I’ll suggest the re-purposing over drinks tonight. I’ll serve them while I’m dressed in the little red silk organza negligée that started this whole “edit” idea.  That should work, don’t you think?


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