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Random thoughts from a woman in love

Easter always puts me into such a happy frame of mind.  It’s a time for celebration of life…and, apparently, gaining 5 pounds thanks to Mr. Reeses and his peanut butter cup eggs.  Oy!

I find it very easy to resist candy and cookies during the Christmas holiday, but it’s a challenge for me on Easter.  Must be the colors…I love Easter colors.  They mean SPRING is here!  Yay! Yipee! Spring is here – let’s have some candy.  I should just skip a step and slather the chocolate and peanut butter directly onto my hips and thighs (I know someone who would LOVE that, but I digress to a topic that should not be discussed on a blog…)

How do people do it? I see peanut butter and chocolate, or solid chocolate eggs or Peeps or…and I want them.  OMG! Peeps! Little bites of heavenly sugar and marshmallowy goodness.  Do they make them low cal? Or no-cal? Nooooooo! What would be the fun of that?  It’s fun to see the fat lady who has managed to lose 8 lbs in two weeks put them right back on!  The love of my life manages to say “no” after just one small piece of candy. That is so wrong. And so unfair.  He can afford to add on a pound or two, but he doesn’t because, as he likes to joke, “That would ruin my girlish figure.”  Smartass.

So – how do you manage to resist temptation? What makes you step away from the candy dish so no one gets hurt? What’s your motivation?  I need ideas, people, because getting into “bikini shape” is so not going to happen.


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