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Random thoughts from a woman in love

HTML!  That’s how I greet the love of my life when I send him a text message.  It means “Hi there, my love!   He said he loves that I do that – it makes him feel good and it’s “code” – every guy loves secret codes.

It’s hard sometimes to put into words how much I love this man.  He’s a gentle giant. His plate-sized hands are so large that I have to hold three of his fingers rather than his whole hand when we walk together (mind you – I am 5’9″ tall – not exactly a petite femme).   His physical presence is intimidating to many people, especially the teenage friends of his son, which makes me laugh inside because he is such a kind and gentle man.  Our two cats adore him, to the point where they follow him around the house and yard like puppies, tripping over themselves trying to be the closest one to him. Even my dog loves him – hard not to love the one who “accidentally” drops that forbidden piece of bacon on the floor next to you…

He’s a hugger-extraordinaire.  My friends tend to come back for “just one more hug” from him before they leave our home. His baritone laugh fills the room, and his smile makes my heart skip a beat.  My sisters all think he’s the best thing that has happened to me since…”Forever”, to quote my younger sister.  They have seriously questioned my choices in the past when it comes to men (they were right to do so – I have made some HUGE mistakes – HUGE, HUGE, HUGE mistakes.) All 3 of my sisters  adore him, of which he reminds me constantly.  Well, of course they do – He bakes them fresh sourdough bread and cinnamon raisin bread whenever we go to visit them.  Bribery with food works on my family.

He has kind, happy blue eyes complimented by deep laugh lines.  I noticed the other night (I discover new things about him daily) that he doesn’t have a frown line. Not even a hint of one.  Amazing! So, silly me – I commented on it.  His response was, “It’s been destroyed by all the smile lines you’ve created for me.”  No wonder I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with this man.  I told him I am keeping him.  Like it or not. He’s mine. Mine, mine, mine.


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