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Random thoughts from a woman in love

It’s here! It’s finally here!  Baseball season is in full swing (pun intended).  Oh how I love this game, especially my beloved Giants.  I’ve been a Giants fan since I was 5 and discovered they wear Halloween colors.  What could be cooler than THAT?  I have followed them ever since.  I even married one of them back in the 80’s.  Happily, we’re not married any more.  I had a blast traveling with the team-then I grew up.  And that’s about all I have to say about that.

My boys have had a rough start – losing to the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Dodgers.  Now they’re back in form, kickin’ Colorado butt.   I loved watching the past two games, and can’t wait to watch Matty pitch today.  Woohoo!  Next to Timmy, he’s my favorite pitcher.

I sit close enough to the Giants’ dugout, that I can talk to Timmy et al between innings or before the game.  I handed Timmy a bar of Lava soap last year, and told him to chew on a piece of it the next time he says “Fuck, yeah!” on National television.  He’s a good kid and a great pitcher.  His mother must be so proud (except for that little marijuana incident last year…pretty stupid, but what can you expect? He’s a KID!)  *sigh* I do love those boys.   Grown men who are paid A LOT of money to play a kid’s game…lucky bastards.

My boyfriend thinks I’m nuts. How can anyone sit for 3 hours watching 5 minutes of action (he’s an NBA fan…)?  It’s all in the numbers, baybee! I love the stats, and I do like watching those guys in uniform – yes indeedy.   Aaron Rowand (I call him “porn star” because that is what he looks like with the gold chain and facial hair), Nate the Great, Pat the butt (ok – I know he’s called Pat the Bat, but I like his butt…), Sanchez (Johnny and Freddy), Panda, Huff Daddy, etc., etc., etc.  Now that things have slowed down at work, I’m soooo looking forward to many games at AT&T.  Go Gigantes!  Let the season never end!  Pass the peanuts my way and someone find the lemonade vendor…


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