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Random thoughts from a woman in love

Happy dog post-walk

I woke this morning to sunshine streaming in through the glass door in my bedroom. Lovely!  It’s been awhile since we saw sunshine here in “sunny” California. Not that I’m complaining.  We needed the rain.  I would definitely prefer gentle rains rather than these torrential downpours that tend to cause land slides and flooding…but Mother Nature has her own p.o.v. on that.

The hills surrounding the valley are a gorgeous emerald green now and the fruit tree buds have popped.  Our street is decorated in pink, fuchsia and white blossoms (allergy alert…) and the Calla Lilies seemed to have bloomed overnight.

On our walk this morning, my dog seemed to pay less attention to the ground and more attention to the floral scent along the trail (or was it the squirrels taunting  him from every tree?) He walked nose-up the entire trek – 4 miles without once stopping to smell the “messages” left by other dogs!  That’s a first.  He’s a happy boy now – laying in a patch of sunshine on the hardwood floor, freshly exercised and his tummy full from breakfast. He’s starting to drift off into his mid-morning nap. I love watching him relax – he’s so very good at it.  He could teach a masters program in relaxation.

But, I digress (again). It’s a beautiful day today – that was the point of this blog.  1) I woke up breathing. ALWAYS a great way to start the day; 2) The sun is out, and the clouds have moved East; 3) I am loved by a truly remarkable man; 4) I survived meeting his ex-wife yesterday and actually like her; 5) The sun is out (I know – I said that already, but it’s REALLY REALLY good). I am now going to go enjoy the sunshine for the rest of the day.  I have packed a picnic lunch, and we are going for a bike ride up into the hills.  Should be lovely in the hills, a bit muddy, but no worries.

Enjoy YOUR day, regardless of the weather.


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